Every day should be hearts day

Everyone’s been asking me, “What are you gonna do today?”

Today, February 14, is Valentine’s day. Or as I like to call it, Hearts day. It is the time of the year when people exchange cards, give out flowers and chocolates, go on dates, and do all sorts of romantic things. Though Hearts day is meant equally for all people and all kinds of relationships, this day has always been special for lovers – it is the time when most of them show appreciation to their partners, most of them prepare surprises and express their love more on this specific day. And I ask myself, why? Why wait for a certain day every year to show and express to someone you love them?

Sure, it’s nice to have a specific special day for Valentine’s, but I think that love is to be demonstrated not just on this day, but most especially every day. Small gestures of love like making your partner a coffee in the morning, helping your mother with household chores, supporting a friend – that’s the everyday celebration of love. Make every day a hearts day by doing everything with love, and in love.

Photo grabbed from Sundae Kids (https://goo.gl/gM7Zsz)


My girlfriend prepared my breakfast this morning, as she does every day, but today with an artificial rose. It was not grand or fancy or expensive, but I consider those as small acts of love that I will forever be grateful for.

What about you, how would you celebrate love today? ♥


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