Board, tabletop games on Hungry Meeples

Last Sunday, my friends and I were planning to eat at Grub Hub food park along Visayas Avenue. Because it was a Sunday night, the place was obviously jam packed, we were not able to find a near parking space. Since we were already driving along Congressional Avenue, we decided to eat in Hungry Meeples. Hungry Meeples is a restaurant where you can play board and other tabletop games with your friends and/or family.

I heard about Hungry Meeples through Facebook, I have read about their Scrabble contest. I am really, really into Scrabble so I got excited when I saw their post about the Scrabble contest from where the winners can get cash prizes and gift certificates. I want to join but there is a 250Php registration fee, I mean, I can afford to pay that fee but I got no one to play with. Most of my friends are not quite fans of Scrabble, so yeah, shout out to you guys who play Scrabble, maybe you can play with me. :p Anyways, if you are ever interested, the contest runs ’til May 2017, here is the link for the mechanics.

So, we drove our way to Hungry Meeples and we cannot help but notice a number of food parks along Congressional Ave. Guess food parks are really a thing right now. Who does not love food, seriously? Moving on, we arrived at our destination.

Hungry Meeples is a cozy place, I love the quiet and chill vibes I get the moment I stepped in the restaurant. Only a few customers were there at the time we went.


We were ravenous so we ordered right away. The Hungry Meeples menu has variety of food choices from pasta, rice meals, snacks, shakes, even alcoholic drinks. We had a plate of spaghetti with meat balls, carbonara, and a chicken rice meal for me. According to my friend, the spaghetti tasted good, on the other hand, the carbonara seemed a bit dry, maybe because my friend preferred the creamy type. I had the One Night Ultimate Chicken, which was a rolled chicken breast fillet with herbed butter core and supposedly a mashed potato, but it was not available so I had rice instead. The chicken breast was delicious, perfectly filled my hungry tummy. I would have loved it even more if it was mashed potato, though.


After filling our stomachs with food, we decided to play the Star Wars themed Monopoly. I love how games like this can actually bring out the competitive side of one’s self, games can push you to be smart and wise as well. It was a refreshing activity for a group of friends like us who usually just hang around a friend’s house chatting and playing cards.


Aside from the wide array of tabletop games, there is also a toy corner for youngsters and a classic 8-bit Family Computer station. I believe that Hungry Meeples is not just a place for the millennials, it also caters to other age groups.


We spent almost four hours in the restaurant just playing and chatting. Aside from Monopoly, we also tried other games like Uno, Jenga, Pickup Sticks, and Connect 4. I can say that we enjoyed our stay in the place. We will surely get back and try some other games.

If you are looking for a chill place to go to with your friends, I highly recommend Hungry Meeples. The food was good, though quite pricey, the atmosphere was light and calm, a variety of games to choose from, approachable staffs — a perfect hangout place.

See you around and may the force be with you!



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