June first jots

Happy June 1st, fellas!

Wow, right? Half of the year have passed in just a blink of an eye. It awes and terrifies me all at the same time, how swiftly time flies. This day is giving me numerous thoughts, questions, and realizations.

When I was younger, I used to write a lot. I made sure that I have a diary entry each day, noting everything that happened to me that day, be it a big or a boring day, even the most non-sense thoughts I painstakingly jotted down. I don’t usually express myself verbally with friends and family, but with my diary, I never had the difficulty to assess and ponder upon my thoughts and feelings. But now I wonder why, why I find it so hard to even think about how I feel? It feels as if I’m running away from my own mind and heart. To be honest, I cannot find the right words to explain how I exactly feel, what exactly is running through my mind right now. It gets me, you see. That is why I am writing now. Now, let us not get to my pessimistic side. Come and venture with me through my June first scribbles.

As I have said, this day has me questioning myself. I would like to share these with you, maybe I am not the only one.

What have you done in the first half of the year, so far?

Are you happy and satisfied where you are right now? If not, why?

If you are not happy where you are right now, what are the steps you will take to achieve the things that truly makes you happy?

Where do you see yourself for the rest and end of the year?

Where and how did you spend most of your time in the first half of the year? Was spending your time in/with those activities/people worth it?

What were your new year resolutions? Were you able to put it all in actions in the past 6 months?

What were your new year goals? How close are you in reaching those goals? Have you taken the first 6 months of the year to make these goals happen?

What are your plans now? Today? For the next months, what are things you want to accomplish? What necessary actions will you do to make these things happen?

What/who are the reasons that you wake up today?

What are the reasons that you do what you are doing right now? Why do you do that? To whom do you do that for?

What you are doing right now is necessary, is it? Would it contribute to your betterment?

Okay, now. I know that’s a lot of questions, and no shit, I could go on and on. But that would be all for now because it’s overwhelming. I love that I was able to write those questions down, now I can somehow evaluate myself. To you, reader, I hope that in any way you’ll find these questions helpful in evaluating yourself as well.

Anyway, other than these questions, I also want to share with you some of my thoughts today. Most of the time, if I am not being a realist, I am a pessimist. But trust me, I try to be more optimistic, and I will try that whatever I will write from here on would be positive.

It is never too late to start overYou may feel that you have completely lost track, that the game is over, that the only option is to give up. But let me remind you, just because you are behind, it does not mean that you will not get to the finish line. We all have our own timelines, trust that there is a season for everything, a time for defeats, a time for triumphs.

If you are tired, rest. But  never, ever, stop. In the end, everything will make perfect sense. All the pain and hardship, surely it will all be worth it.

If you want to achieve something, do it. Do it now, not tomorrow, not later. As Mark Twain quote say, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

If you want to change something big, start changing in the little things. We often overlook the small things, but believe me, these little things matter more than we think. Our smallest deeds contribute to the bigger picture, these small deeds are what makes up the bigger picture. Sometimes, the littlest things are what matters most.

Explore more. Know people more. Learn more. Do not let your heart and mind be idle. Go out, learn new things, meet new people. The world offers a lot of good things, make sure you’re not all locked up in a room scrolling through the cyber world. See the world in your own eyes, not from a screen.

Always be the one who understands. Be understanding and sensitive with the people around you, and always remind yourself to love your neighbor, especially those who seem unlovable.

Smile and always trust the One above. Life is not always sun and fun, there will be storms and fear along the way. But no matter what life gives you, always fight back with a contagious smile and a faithful heart. The One above has a plan for you, not to harm you but to make you prosper.

There, there. Those are the things I tell myself to be a better version of myself. And everything above are pretty much my thoughts for the first day of June. This has been the most personal post I have ever written and published, and it just feels good to be able to write it all down. I hope that whoever reads this, gets something from this and will realize that, hey, you are not alone and I am not the only one.

Not to make this post any longer, I wish you guys have a great June 1st! And I hope that the next days, months will be better. Cheers! ☺


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