First Lazada experience: Wenjie Laptop Backpack

One of the things I wanted to buy myself since last year was a backpack that can fit the 15.6” Asus laptop that I am using for work. It has been a habit that I bring home the laptop during weekends just in case I need to get some tasks done. So, finally, I decided to purchase one last week. I did not have the energy to go to the mall and find for the perfect backpack, so I tried online shopping. Scrolling through Lazada’s website was easy and convenient for lazy shoppers like me, you just need a phone and a decent internet connection to window shop in an online store.

Lazada offers a wide array of products, and I also had a lot of choices when I was searching for a laptop backpack – different brands, colors, and styles. I am a thrifty type of shopper, so the first thing I check before buying is the price. Is it too expensive? Too cheap? Is there a discount? Is the price reasonable for the quality of the product? Then, I check the details and quality of the product. If I find it budget-friendly and good quality, I will check on the reviews next. How do previous customers feel about buying that product? Were they satisfied with the quality and service? The delivery time? After checking all those, I’d take a second look on the product. Do I really want this product?

In less than 30 minutes, I have already found the bag that’s perfect for my budget, style, and needs. It was my first time to buy something online and I was a bit skeptical about it but then I still proceeded to checkout. I placed my order and chose Pilot 9010 Korean Wenjie Style 15.6” Multiple Compartments Laptop Backpack Bag (Purple). This bag comes in different colors, I preferred the burgundy but when I checked the prices, the purple one was cheaper. I was not sure why it costs lesser because it was the same exact bag, only different color. All the other color variations of the bag costs ₱899.10, while the purple one that I ordered was ₱719.10. So, anyway, I placed my order on a Tuesday night and expected delivery was either Thursday or Friday of the same week. The shipment arrived last Friday, the delivery was not early, not late, but just on time.

I was excited when the package arrived, I immediately unwrapped it! Check out the actual photos of the package below:


My first impression was that the backpack looks nicer in person than in photos! I was completely happy and satisfied with my purchase and the laptop perfectly fits in the bag. It has multiple compartments, though I wanted more mini pockets inside it. The quality of the material used for the bag is pretty decent for the price. I already used the bag this week, it is comfortable to use (though my previous backpack was more comfortable). The first time I used it, I had a lot of things to bring. It was not as spacious as my old backpack, though the space was just fair. Overall, the backpack is good for the quality and price and the shipment was on time. I would rate the product and the delivery service an 8 over 10. ☺

Would I recommend this product? Sure! I don’t think my money is wasted in this product. Fair quality for a fair price. It has been a good first ever transaction with Lazada as well.

Happy online shopping, everyone!



  1. Hey Ms. Celine, that was quite informative.
    Do you think the bag can handle a bulky laptop?
    I bought an Anello bag at Lazada but it couldn’t carry the weight of my laptop and the handles ripped off after three days of use.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Sunnie! Thank you for your comment. And yes, I believe it could fit a bulky laptop. Mine is 15.6″ Asus laptop and it perfectly fits in the bag. I’ve been using the bag for a month now and it still works well. ☺


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