Food galore at Kantorini

Food parks are definitely a thing in the Philippines right now. Stroll around Metro Manila and you will surely find a variety of food parks in every main road and street. Different themes, different strategies to hook foodies to step into each food park. If you are frequent on social media, you might have seen the viral post about Kantorini Food Park. Newly-opened Kantorini Food Park is known for its Santorini, relaxing vibe and is located in Katipunan Avenue. Along with family and a friend, we decided to visit and try what Kantorini has to offer.


We went in Kantorini last night, Sunday, and we almost got past the location because the signage did not have any lighting. There were limited parking space but luckily for us there was a car going out just about the time we arrived. As you go inside the food park, you may already see and feel the Santorini vibe. Kantorini was jam-packed and we walked around for minutes to find a table for 10 people. I was not able to take decent photos but here are some I took from the place:


We wanted to order grilled barbecue and liempo from The Grilla, but to our disappointment, waiting time was “2 hours.” I understand that they are in-demand, but man, 2-hour waiting time is hell. Anyway, my girlfriend wanted to eat pasta from La Manitalia, and to our disappointment (again), they were on a “10-minute break.” We also craved for buffalo wings, but man, Wing Vibe was sold out that night, and it was only around 7PM. I did not have the patience, so my friend and I decided to order from Budbod Level Up because we did not need to wait for so long to get our order. Man, was I disappointed again. I ordered pork budbod, costing 130 Php and it was not worth the price. Aside from the order being only a handful, it also did not taste good. It was no match to Mojamitos’ 60-peso budbod in Bago Bantay, Quezon City. And that jar with red iced tea? It costs 150 Php.


The girlfriend did not want budbod, so she ordered steak at Steak Two Six. According to her, the steak was good but there was nothing special with the food. Her brother ordered 15-piece shrimp from The Shrimp Basket, costing 400 Php. I’m not sure if it was worth it.


They ordered other foods from different stalls, but I was not able to taste some of it or take a photo. Anyway, for dessert, we ordered a 6-piece churros with chocolate dip from El Churro, costing 145 Php. The churros kind of saved my night at Kantorini, it tasted good and I liked it.


If I would rate my experience in Kantorini, I would give it a 7 over 10. The ambiance was nice, it was relaxing but it was too crowded at the time we visited. The food and drinks were a bit expensive and the food I tried did not satisfy my appetite. There were also stalls that were not able to give us the chance to taste their food. It was a nice place and I hope they can improve with regards to food, price, and availability of their products.

I was not able to try the food of each and every stall in Kantorini, but if ever you did try or you plan to, please share to me your thoughts. ☺

Happy food tripping!

Kantorini Food Park

Lot 2 Katipunan Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines 1105


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